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Nobody gives the black girl mob credit for being smart as fuck. They clown but at the end of the day they are really intelligent.

And it’s not subtle at all.
Taystee is a math prodigy in addition to being well-read, Poussey is multilingual, Cindy just knows shit, Suzanne studies Shakespeare, Watson was a good student in addition to being a track star, Vee is basically an evil genius. Piper often learns the most from them; they taught her how to fight and helped translate Pennsatucky’s biblical threat.
The show flat out acknowledges the (academic) intelligence of the black inmates time and time again, but the audience collectively ignores it.


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Sometimes i am Bob, sometimes i am Linda.

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Can I Kick It?

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real shit do NOT speak Spanish to me or use latin@ slang with me if you’re not latin@ it’s annoying af and offensive

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I think for Oberyn Martell, to get as close to his enemies as possible is nothing but advantageous. But the seduction of power, for anyone, is inevitably dangerous, no matter where a person’s “integrity” exists at the start. That’s the thrilling aspect of the show that keeps everyone on their toes. Because as fantastical as the world is, the characters are all written as human beings, flaws and all.

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this show is a work of art

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zaheer ain’t ready for this kid

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Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) 

Dir. Quentin Tarantino 

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Priori Incantatem

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